Fees & timeframes







- Fees are based on US$50 minimum fee per certificate

(although for certain cheaper items a reduced rate of US$30 will apply)

- Fees for positive certificates for rare items that are found to be fully genuine are usually 2% of Stanley Gibbons, Michel or other relevant catalog value.

- Fees for rare genuine items that are found to be faulty/repaired etc are charged at a reduced rate of usually 1% - 1.5% of catalog value, depending on item.

- But fees for genuine items in never hinged condition where there is only a catalog value for hinged, are charged at 3-4% of the catalog value of hinged examples.

- Fees for genuine items that are unpriced in catalogs, or where SG or Mi catalog prices are totally not relevant, are 2%-5% of estimated market value.

- Discounts are possible for larger submissions; especially specialist collections, quantities of same stamps from split multiples etc.


- Fees for negative certificates for items to found to be forged/faked are generally US$50 minimum fee per certificate(although for certain standard cheaper items a reduced rate of US$30 will apply)

- Fees for expertizing cheap but forgery prone issues (with items only receiving an accompanying note, or being signed on reverse, without any certificate being issued) are US$3 - US$10 per item depending on issue etc.

- Normally turnaround for items from issues I regularly expertize is 2-8 weeks. While items that I do not often expertize and which require extra specialist research or consultations can take take 2-6 months.

- Express service with a guaranteed 7-day turnaround available for certain items but please enquire before submitting (extra fee US$30-$50 per certificate)

- Same day or overnight service with guaranteed 12h or 24h turnaround also available but please enquire before submitting (extra fee US$50-$100 per certificate)





- Consultations in my office regarding matters related to expertizing etc are free of charge if items are submitted for formal expertizing. While if not, then $50 per hour or part.

- While such consultations at client’s home or office etc incur an additional charge for travel time of $50 per hour in addition to all actual travel costs.

- Valuations of both retail (replacement) value or estimate of likely auction realizations can be provided both for single items and for collections. Fees are 1-2% of the value, with a minimum valuation charge of $30 per single item, or $100 for a collection.


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